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walla walla pastel artist

It’s the last day of the Holiday Open House and it has been a success! I will definitely consider doing it again. I love the fact that people who have bought paintings in the past are coming to buy another. I enjoyed meeting Tim whose Mom, Mary bought him a couple of paintings in the past…and he comes and buys “October Creek”…which won 1st in Professional division at Joseph Festival of Arts. It has gone to a good home!! Enjoy Tim! So fun to see the Stewart’s and my friend Brenda. And of course the Miller’s! Having Carolyn here has been great. She is a HUGE help and so good to just hang out with a 25+ year friend. It was special to have the mom and daughter come by and visit with the little girl about pastels. I gave her some paper to test drive with her pastels and wish her good success. It was fun to see Chris and talk about art and building…you rock girl! Thanks you everyone who stopped by…and Terri R for spreading the word from the Viticulture Bazaar!!
I will be working on a couple of requests for paintings this week…
The show at Saviah is hanging. I have a couple of places to put two small pieces. I’ll take those out probably Tuesday and put up prices. The “4 Artists” show was looking good when I left on Wednesday. Diana is gracious to allow Jim, Sandra and myself into her space to show! Sandra and I will be staffing the art space at Saviah over Barrel Tasting weekend next weekend.
You know who has been the best – my Les. He mats and frames; put out numerous A-boards with Open signs on them leading folks to our not-so-easy to find residence. Cheers, buddy!
Check the blog regularly for new work…no more daily paintings for awhile 🙂


Carolyn and Me
The first weekend of the Open House was a good success. I am hopeful that weekend 2 will bring more visitors yet! I had good feedback from visitors. Dave put the dates on the website as well.

Kate is out of the hospital tonight after complications with outpatient surgery yesterday. Whew! Carolyn got here last night and it was great to see her smiling face at the airport! I am looking forward to a week with her. Tomorrow we are taking some art out to Saviah Cellars to prepare for the Winter Barrel Tasting weekends Dec 6-7. (there will also be work hanging at Whitman Cellars [new stuff was put up a couple of weeks ago]).

I need to visit with Damon and Ceil at Luscious about the December show as well…

I was playing with some oil pastels today and using a palette knife…heating the knife and moving the pigment around with it creates a whole different look. Very interesting. I have a new miniature using this technique and more coming!

the first day of the holiday art show was good. We had quite a few groups of people through and buyers! Since we live off the beaten path, it can be a challenge to find us. Les used his real estate A boards with signs on them with arrows from main arterials. Must have worked!

Mac and Morrie were pretty much exiled to the garage and back yard for the day. It was nice out, so they didn’t mind being out. Looking foward to the Sunday sale…and next weekend.
Today’s image is a pastel over a monotype done on shades of gray with a hint of a brown…

holiday art show

We are ready for our holiday show! Les is out putting up “A” boards with our signs on them; the ad was in the Marquee, flyers went out; emails sent…so much for marketing! I’m including photos of the stuff hanging…there are 50+ pieces on the walls! Lots of cards! The handmade ones turned out really good! Some holiday ones and some general greeting cards. I grouped several collage pieces together and they show well. Les helped me so much putting this together – best boy friend ever ;-)…Justin came over and they put up a track lighting system…fabulous…thanks you two guys!!!
The painting today is a little oil pastel…it’s actual size is 4×6 inches…

I just finished the tile coasters. I used art stamps and the StazOn inks and then coated them carefully with a spray clear coat. The trick is several “light” sprays so you don’t get runs in the inks.
I have been in the studio and came up stairs and it’s raining…hope it gets over with for the weekend!
I made a bunch of handmade greeting cards. Several designs for the holidays and then some basic greeting cards.
This morning I met Rossi from Walla Walla Artist’s Alliance and picked up some sets of the postcards. I will have those for sale at the open house.
Les got the track lights up last night and they are great. They illuminate the walls really nicely.
Need to get back in the studio and do some more work. I have 5 more art print cards designs printed and they look good! They are of the latest pastel paintings.

walla walla pastel artist

We have 50 paintings hanging! The smallest is 3×5″ and the largest is 3×5′! And…lots in between.

The dogs can’t figure out what is going on with all the moving stuff around and hammering. I think they must be thinking we are moving. They are getting daily outings with either Les or I when we run errands and that is a big hit.

I am working on cards today and some tiles for coasters. I am using the “Staz-on” inks and imprinting the tiles with stamp art then a light spray of sealer. They turn out very cool. I put felt “bumpers” on them for feet so they protect the table surface they sit on. There’s a specialty shop here that carries these, and they sell for $22/ea! MUCH better prices at the show this weekend!!
I had more art print cards printed; new images. Saw the prototypes last night and they looked good. I will also have a few 5×7 and 8×10 images of some paintings printed. I am looking for things that I can take out to Saviah Cellars for barrel tasting as well…and I think some little prints will be good. The WW Artist’s Alliance has very cool post cards for sale (will have some here for my open houses and also at Saviah). There are 15 different images from 15 artists and they sell for $17.95.
I had an email from Betty, my sister, today and she does these awesome wreaths and things; also does these great metal art objects…next year she is going to be part of the show….Hope you read this Bets! In case I forget to tell ya
I’m off to the studio to work…

Our show is coming together; nearly all painting are hanging – at least the large ones. I have been concentrating on painting some small ones in the last couple of days – 4×6″ and 5×7″. Last night I did a couple with oil pastels. This is a fun medium to work with – I have a much more limited palette, but a good one for landscape.
The dogs and cats are looking at us like we are nuts with all the moving stuff around, hanging paintings all over. Alfi sits on top of the computer monitor watching every move while Spanx is more stealth-like and wanders around carefully looking at everything. The dogs Mac and Morrie sleep mostly; but have this look of “what’s up?” when they are awake. here’s Spanxand Alfi checking out paintings while I was photographing.

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