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2008 is nearly over and looking toward 2009…It has been a successful year with art sales and representation. Yesterday one more painting sold – Fields Purple – the large version (45×28 approx). It went to a good home in Eugene, Oregon. A few days ago “Five Mile ” went to it’s new home near Dayton. It gives me a great feeling to see these paintings being meaningful enough to someone that they want to purchase them and put them in their homes to look at daily.
I am getting ready to paint today…it’s been a few days since I have gone to the studio and focused on creating something. The Christmas holiday took precedence. It was a wonderful holiday with Kate home for 3 days and Justin and family here. Friends Judy and Jeff came to dinner as well above troops on Christmas Eve. We feasted; had a great time. J and J contributed some fabulous foods….The shrimp were to die for. As usual, something got omitted from dinner. This year the wonderful sour cream salad stayed tucked safely in the refrigerator. (one year it was the bread that escaped the pallets of the diners!)
The near 3 feet of snow accumulation came to a sudden end beginning the 26th when the chinook winds came and the temperature rose from about 15 up to 48. Now there is bare ground that only a few days ago was covered under 3 feet of snow!

Merry Christmas!The snow continues to fall…I think we are at about 18-20 inches now. The dogs need a trail to get out in the yard. The new painting of the grain elevator is complete. My friend Brenda came by today to pick up a painting, braving the streets. It was actually more of a challenge getting into our yard than on the streets…Here’s some photos of the dogs and snow

IT’S COLD! We are having some of the coldest weather in a few winters. I think we were right at 0′ F. last night; up to 15′ today! The snow has piled up and yesterday it was absolutely beautiful out side. There is about 12″. The back yard doesn’t have a track through it – it is a pure undisturbed blanket of snow. Check out the sunset off Harshaw Road before the storm…
Kate spent three days with us. It’s great to have her come and spend time. She made the coolest pillow covers for a friend by adding ribbon and a variety of buttons to a pillow case. Zebra ribbon, zebra buttons and then threw in some turquoise shell buttons of various sizes. really a nice composition.
I am working on a large pastel of a grain elevator. So far so good. It’s about half completed.

new painting finished today …

walla walla winter barrel tasting

Winter wine barrel tasting this weekend in Walla Walla. It’s huge! I will have art at Whitman Cellars (new things hung a couple of weeks ago) and at Saviah Cellars with Diana Schmidt and other artists. If you are in the area, it’s a great event – come and see us at Saviah! Lots of paintings, prints, cards, posters, etc. Also lots of art and crafts for purchase at Carnegie Art Center. I have quite a few small pieces there as well.
happy holidays!!

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