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prints and pastels and art for the good of the order

Dianna Woolley, Sandy Lizet and I treked down to Mission, OR again today for the 2nd round of Frank’s print making workshop. It was a great experience and everyone there seemed to be happy with the prints they made. Great info! I brought home some prints I am quite satisfied with. I will photograph them and put them on the blog at a later date. There are some that still are have some wet ink on them, but should be dry by tomorrow.
My next project is the poster design for the spring dance recital “Sleeping Beauty”…I have some ideas to start the project. It is always a pleasure to do a show bill for Idalee…no one gets into the story as she does. I love the sparkle she gets in her eyes as she talks about and lets me listen to the music and the costumes! The show is mid May at Cordiner Hall and will be worth the price of a ticket for certain!


An amazing day was spent at Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts in Mission, OR learning from a master printer – Frank Janzen. It was nonstop til about 4. Printing with oil based inks on fabulous presses and papers. I managed a couple of sort of abstract monotypes of “Yellowstone Buffalo”…reds symbolic of the Yellowstone fires; buffalo in the water, waiting it out. And another black and white one of a guy and his child on a trail by the creek. Tomorrow is promised chine colle technique and I am SO excited to learn that. There is a spectacular exhibit of native American litho and monotypes at the Institute in the gallery, too.
Images coming soon to this site!
Oh by the way…if you click on VIEW THE IMAGES on the previous entry…you can see the sllide show from Flickr…All the latest images up to last week.

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Cheat Grass Hills was accepted into the Juried show at Allied Arts of Richland. That show hangs the month of April there. The weekend was a productive painting weekend. I finished a couple of pieces that I had been working on. Les was the framing master. Now I am working on pieces to take to the Joseph show in June and the La Chateau show for April and May in Walla Walla.

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