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The Northwest Gallery Collection

The Northwest Gallery Collection

Click on the link above to see the publication. If you wish to get a hard copy let me know or contact NQGC directly. Enjoy the magazine!


Its about color!

It is about color. I am really liking doing this series for what it teaches you about color and details…and more. I am working quite small…3×5 about. So I have a minute space to say what I want to! #24 and 25 are completed. Also finished a hay bales. I am intrigued with the big round bales. Where I live you see the round bales of straw from the harvested wheat fields; in parts of OR and MT I see them in hay – so when the field is freshly cut, the bales are still the beautiful green as is the clipped alfalfa or grass. Put that together with evening colors in the sky and you can literally get a feel for the smell of the freshing cut hay; sense the warm summer evening and view another killer sunset that rises to immense beauty with the dusty air. That’s my goal with this painting – get those senses going crazy in that vast openness of a MT hay field with one of the Square Butte ranges in the background absorbing the late afternoon warmth.

enjoy the paintings…and at a milestone with the series…#25!

Remedy for a foggy day…

The best remedy for a foggy day is to get out of it! Get out of the fog!! So one can typically get in the car and drive toward Pendleton or Dayton and be out of the fog in 20 minutes or so…or you can head to the studio and paint greener pastures!

Before I moved to SE WA, fog was a novelty. When the fog rolled in, it was mysterious, eerie…but when one lives some place where the fog can be an everyday occurrence in the winter…not so much a novelty. Fortunately, we have not had too much this winter and it seems to lift midday, unlike the first year I lived here and there were 28 days of serious fog. Wow. It is a good day to paint!

I was online yesterday and went to the site. Graciously, they have included an image of mine on their site – thank you very much…BUT…the real reason to bring this site up again is to AGAIN tell you this is a wonderful site….there is a ton of info there, plus inspiration and on and on. It is the best. It has learning tools; link to books, and on and on.

More painting today.

Another note – the local Hospice fund raiser is next week. I just about always donate a piece to that and this year as well. The September Trees (above) will be auctioned this year and we hope it will garner a significant amount for the good of the order. Also will work with M’Lisse and Lauri on their auction item…a vineyard dinner and a plein air demo and subsequent quick draw painting that I will do while the recipients dine in a local, private vineyard on some delectable treats prepared by Lauri and M’Lisse.

Happy painting….

the series continues…

Two more images in the series of _ _ _ ?100??? The gold tones was fun to do and it radiates with the warmth of the colors. When I did the red and yellow, I felt like I was maybe looking thru some sort of filter…almost a negative in a sense. The monochromatic golds I liked the best. I am thinking of what I will do next and for the Willow show where I will hang a collection of these. And how many… I am thinking 12…in 5×7 inch frames and images of 3×5.
A new blog that may show some of the works… It is a GREAT site with a ton of reference and postings of wonderful art biased toward the pastel painting folks! Lots of links, etc. Check it out.
I was looking at Idaho Beauty’s blog and reading some I hadn’t read before…seeing some postcards made of fabric…wonderful work – art. I am the proud owner of one and it sits on my desk at work to be complimented on by visitors. Fabric art is quite wonderful. Allied Arts in TriCities had a quilt show in January that looked stunning. I am afraid to step into those quilting stores…I sense it could be a whole new addition in the art world!!
So for now I will concentrate on my landscape series and begin working on some larger pieces for the Willow show in April/May and others beyond.
happy painting….

a beautiful thing is never perfect….

…or so says some Egyptian proverb…so with that said there are two more in the Series 100. Again I used Wallis paper. It is so great to work with and will continue with it unless I want a strong pre-finished under-color of black Canson or Art Spectrum paper.
The seemingly monochromatic image on the right actually has a touch of blue and lavender in it. Working monochromatically is a good exercise in tonal study.
My son Chris is a great guy…he lives in Montana and keeps an eye out for his Mom in the art market there, as well as delivers and retrieves paintings from shows. He asks can he hang some of these in his office…well yeah, and can one of his associates hang one in her office…why not…market on…Now I can ask…will you check out this quick draw event for me? will you check out this gallery? quid pro quo I guess it is…
Check out Neil Young’s work on…fabulous graphite work…
happy paintings and happy Monday!

A pastel a day…

It is very easy to get out and paint…but its a little harder to get things in print. So I do the best I can with that! This week I got some good painting in. I decided to use the Wallis paper. It is a dream to work on. I also decided to use exclusive Sennilier pastels for this weeks work. I used the landscape plein aire series of pastels. Man, these are fabulous colors to work with. You have a great selction of earth and green tones, good blues, and more…I used some workable fix in places, especially the big tree to create some depth. I like how it looks when pastel is applied to the fixed area while it is just a tad wet. It creates a a nearly 3D look when the undercoat is a dark color… great for leaves.

The NorthWestGalleryCollection publication is soon to released and mailed. I submitted a page to it and was pleased with the results. This publication has a large database of addresses throughout several states. Anyone wanting info about this, shoot me an email or contact Dani at I believe this could be a great marketing tool.
For now…happy painting to all you artists; happy looking to all you art lovers!

A beautiful thing is never perfect…

So goes the story of the 100 small paintings…they may not be perfect, but they are a learning process; some are nice little landscapes and some are interesting landscapes and some – I am not sure…Some interesting notes…Some colors really look wonderful together that I hadn’t really used before…there is a burgandy that I layed over a cerelian blue and blended it…added a little lavender…it’s a wonderful color…you see it in one of the skies. I am posting three images today which brings me to 15. That’s a good number to have completed…on the way to 30, then 45, then…it’s a do-able project!
I used some Wallis paper and some black Canson and then I had some paper that was already painted on and I decided to crop the painting. I chopped off a good part of the sky and have enough of that left to be used as I can with this project. So the former sky becomes an underpainting…it’s on Moonstone Canson paper, so there isn’t a huge amount of pastel that I can lay on the paper…but why not see what that comes to be! This sky with the burgandy is quite interesting…I have a couple of ideas for future paintings as a result of this one. Also to note is how the mountains or hills in the background take a different “distance” to their look with the utilization of a different color. The green hills appear quite close behind the trees while the dense blue mountains really look to be off in the distance.

I have put some of my work on It seems to be a well organized and user friendly site for artists to promote their work. Imagekind allows buyers to select an image, make it the size they want, select their frame and mat and voila! their painting is ready to be paid for and shipped. It’s all print work- both paper and canvas are available as well as greeting cards. My site is Simple enough and lots of options for buyers if they are interested in print art. I have seen some of the work from this site and it appears to be good quality.

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