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Color Fields

Color fields was the name of a group show that I did one time; but certainly is appropriate for the Series of 100. One hundred little fields; thirty are finished, two of which have not yet been posted. I digitally manipulated the icy one in another view and may post it for fun…amazing what can be done with digital engineering! With the snowy one, I have seen that heavy frost that is so beautiful and dense on the trees – probably causing significant distress to the plant, but so pleasing to the eye. I achieved that by putting a dark purplish-brown down first, then giving it a mist of workable fix, on top of which the lighter colors were added. The beauty of Wallis paper with it’s tooth and the fix allows you to get that 3 dimensional effect that just pops!
The blue one…what can I say…just working monochromatically…gives a sense of twilight on snow.
My great uncle who was an accomplished watercolorist, did a winter scene of his home in the woods of Northern IL in the evening. It is all shades of blue with the \yellow glow emanating from the windows. It was done when I was a kid; was his Christmas card image and I have been in awe of that painting ever since I first saw it! I became the caretaker of his artwork after my mother passed away and it hangs in my home prominently in it’s original little frame and along with several other of his works. His work has served as an inspiration to me from early on.
happy painting…

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