Daily Archives: February 2, 2010

color fields

These are colored fields. Unfortunately the digital image isn’t as detailed as the actual image with the green gently overlaying the red in the foreground and the suttle changes of reds in the trees. One of those technical issues with the quick snap of a digital camera. The lesson…when photographing dramatic colors, a great deal of care needs to be made in exposure, lighting, etc. Definitely natural light is preferred. There have been numerous articles written about photographing art work and it pays well to heed the words of the experts! This was a fun project to bring the reds and bright green together on paper. It definitely “pops”. Reminds me of the sumac trees in fall (in color, that is).
I was online today and found the website for the CrossRoads Carnegie Art Center in Baker City, OR. I have not visited the center since they moved from their old Main St. location; but from the website, it looks like they have done magnificent things with their “Carnegie”. They are hosting a juried show in April themed “agriculture”. I can envision this will be a grand show with all there is to paint around Baker City. Email them for a prospectus.
happy painting!

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