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It continues….more little pictures…

I visited with my friend Bambi who is a very creative person and a fine artist, whether she thinks so or not. She graciously offered up her studio for one of my workshops a while ago and we had a fine time painting there. I told her I had gotten 35 of the little works completed and she asked if I had learned anything….???…well yes…and so I told her about the paper and different pastels and my fear that I might run out of ideas before I reached 100. We talked about color a little and how some colors make the distant hills look like mountains in the far distance or some, like these two, appear to be hills just on the other side of that creek which is beyond the trees. Did you know there was a creek there?? We talked a little about her project for her son’s wedding – a “family tree” that all the guests stamp and sign…I hope to see the finished work and will post it if she will let me.
I read more of the articles on Mario’s PastelNews website. Loved the snow scenes he has currently posted. Check it out if you haven’t already.
So with this said, I am not too afraid that I can’t get to finish 100 little paintings…what I am wondering is what and how I am storing them in!
Happy painting!

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