Daily Archives: February 12, 2010

…and they all (don’t) look the same…little pictures…

This is why I like purples. It adds such a depth and intensity to a painting. I don’t remember without going out and looking at the number of this one…but it’s a Unison purple…I think from the “dark” collection. It is a definite shadow color. then lay it next to some oranges and goldens and you have that complimentary thing going on.
So I have an invite, thanks to my Chris who is always looking out for his Mom and some place to show her work, at the quick draw event at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale in May. This is a huge event for this eastern Montana town. It’s like the Pendleton roundup in Pendleton, OR…The visitors for the event greatly outnumber the residents of these towns. Anyway, he knows somebody who knows somebody who made the invite to me. This is a big challenge. I love doing quick draws…but this one is one half an hour to complete! Many that I do are a hour in time to complete the painting. Well, it won’t be 24×30 in size! After drawing is complete, you have 10 minutes to put the paintings in a frame and it’s then ready for the auction! Looking forward to this!
Happy painting!

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