Daily Archives: February 13, 2010

the journey continues…

This is a journey! Every time I sit down to work on one of these I have to THINK about color and what I can do to make this one a little different from the last one and maybe learn something in the process. This one took some work. It took some workable fixative. It took some creativity. I wanted to achieve that twilight in the snow look, which I think I did ok. I have another twilight snow scene in my mind to work on…maybe more cooler colors. This does have that frosty look which I liked. There is a lot of pastel on this little piece of Wallis paper! It look some work to get the trees to look like I wanted them.
The new edition of the NW Gallery Publication is out and in the mail. It is a beautiful publication and represents the artists well. I got an email from a Oregon coast gallery interested in representing my work as a result of the publication being sent to them. That’s what we want!
If you are interested in getting NWGallery of Artists let me know and I will get you added to the list.
Happy painting…This is a long weekend for some of us…so make the most of it and PAINT!!!

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