Daily Archives: February 14, 2010

Sunsets on the landscape

Probably one of my favorite times of day to paint is a sunset, just to be able to express that warm toned color onto paper gives me a good feeling. This is pretty dramatically golden, but I am working in some unusual, not necessarily realistic color….but for a sunset…it works, I think.
At the Willow show in Walla Walla this April/May, I will show a collection of these little works…so yesterday I bought a bunch of small (5×7″), black frames for them. With a small neutral mat, I think they will look good. I am going to try my best to get the full 100 done before then, as I want to photograph them all together on the wall, unframed, just 100 little pictures, all hanging, just the same (!)…Then I will select maybe 10 or so for this show. So with that being said, I better get to painting!
Check out the PastelNews.com site….Mario is sharing, with the author’s blessing, a chapter by chapter in their entirety, of a pastel technique publication. Go to the website and roam around in it and then thank Mario for all the time and energy he puts into this site. It’s awesome. so with that said….
happy painting!

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