Daily Archives: February 20, 2010

little paintings…

Number 43 and 44 emerged; 45 and 46 nearly ready. It’s almost like hatching chickens as two or three or four of these get completed and taped up on the wall…all hanging there waiting…which ones will go to the Willow Show; which ones will go to Miles City to Cafe Utza; which ones will never get a mat and frame…The fun of doing these is to see how the colors play; to see what you can visually get away with and still be pleasing to the eye.
I am going to Seattle in the morning to attend the NWPS meeting and election on Sunday. My hope is to go to the Pike Street Market tomorrow, do a little shopping, have dinner maybe at the Crab Pot. Taking my dee-o -gees along. They know something is in the air; my bag is out; so are their sweaters…they seem to know they will be included (they almost always are) and that they are special buddies. They don’t know they are dogs…they are dee-o-gees!
I finished the large piece I was working on; am satisfied with it.
Next weekend is the workshop at the Pendleton Center for the Arts that I am scheduled to do…
I found another interesting web site…Illustration Friday…artists can submit work to represent a word of the week on the site. Some great stuff on it.
As part of the NWPS meeting on Sunday, someone will be demonstrating Pan Pastels. I am excited to see how they use them and their results! More on that later. So with that all said…..the weekend is upon us; enjoy it and most of all…keep painting…

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