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More pastel minis in the series of 100

The weekend workshop in Pendleton finished up on Sunday afternoon with each student producing some great work. There is certainly rewards to working with students and sharing with them…to see their work evolve because of what you have shared…
I finished up 4 more in the series Monday and they are posted today. Some luminous color combinations – an interesting development with the light blue sky with some whitish-blue on top of it…it creates a sort of cloud effect on its own. I am not certain that the photos illustrate that well, but in real time it looks good. Part of the effect is the Wallis paper, I believe.
I read some more on the pan pastels and have decided to try another technique with them. I am most anxious to make them work because of their low dust, wonderful colors, etc.
I am in the midst of getting the body of work ready for the Willow show. Next huge project is coming to the aid of one of the best dance instructors in the northwest Idalee Hutson-Fish. She teachs at Whitman College as well as at her private studio and has lead several dancers into their professional world of dance. I have, in the past and now again, illustrated a poster for the productions. The Whitman production will be early in May and promises to be wonderful. I will post the stage set work I am doing once the production happens…I promises to be quite “the ride”….I love a challenge…so in the meantime…
happy painting!

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