The series of 100 is complete

The series come to a close with the completion of 100 small works.  So what did this prove?
  • think outside the proverbial box
  • one can maximize paper/pastel combinations
  • the same composition repeated 100 times can be totally different in appearance
  • color plays the important role of determining depth and temperature
I think the biggest thing for me was to persevere through 100 different paintings of the same composition and to create something different with each.  I experimented with a variety of papers, using different brands of pastels.  Some combinations worked better than others.  I only scratched the surface of these combinations of materials however.  There are so many great products to use in today’s market.  I really only used materials that were readily available to me and stock on hand in my studio.  Because I worked in a very small format (basically 4×6 inches) I didn’t employ some techniques that I might have on a larger scale.   

So what I have learned in color is how different the same colors of pastel appear on different papers; how some papers react to different fixatives in the process of applying color; how not to think about “shouldn’t” and “can’t” in the process, but instead step outside the box of conventional technique. Because I now have  come up with at least 100 variations; I got bold with color and combinations and as I tacked these on the wall, it turned into a huge mosaic of little paintings, each individual and unique, but also a broad body of work that allowed me concentrate on a significant project and yet not spend a large of amount of time on each study. It is a lesson of tenacity, of pushing the limits and keeping things interesting and it’s about satisfaction…knowing that you can push yourself confidently to achieve a desired goal.

So, many of these little paintings are in shows, some have sold.  They look great hanging in a grouping – they are similar, but so different.  The next question is what to do with the paintings not framed; I think they will get put in a  flat file inter leafed with glassine – for a time.
I encourage others to do this experiment in their chosen medium.  You will learn. I don’t think  you have to do 100.  50 would be a good number.  It is a fun process and you will learn from it!

About bonnie griffith

I am a landscape artist who works in pastels, oils and acrylics. My work focuses on representational studies of the western US. I am basically self taught with lots of workshops and studies with several landscape artists such as Bruce Haughey and Clark Elster. I live in southwestern Idaho, am a native Montanan with a strong connection to the land. I spend as much time as I can in MT painting as well other parts of the northwest. I appreciate getting out in the field and working plein air because there is nothing like completing a painting in the true light of day and visually not being compromised by the use of a photo. In my work, my goal is to produce a piece of work that draws the viewer into the painting and challenges them to explore the scene; get a sense of the time of day, the temperature, the light or lack of. If I have gotten that viewer to step out of their reality and into that painting and enjoy it, then my work was accomplished as I wished. View all posts by bonnie griffith

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