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Pastel Dust

This time of year I don’t get a lot of painting done as a rule. There is just so much going on with the holidays, that it is not productive for me to be trying to work on paintings as well as holiday things.
But, because we travel to visit kids, I have down time in the car to read and plan and think and scheme…I have a love for native American artifact – the weavings, the pottery, the art, etc and I like architecture as well. So I see this magazine called “American Bungalow” and probably what attracted me to it was  the cover on which there is this Mission style bed and a rocker with native blankets tossed on them in the typical bright reds, navy, ecru colors. The lamp by the bed is an art style – Frank Lloyd Wright – and a landscape painting hanging over the bed.
The magazine had beautiful photos in it of bungalows (of course!), gardens, art and more. There are lots of ads in the magazine – interesting ones of artisans.
The magazine made me think of things I want to do and paint. Some of these things are: 

    I want to paint the blue doors of adobe homes, the colors of the southwest, the rugs, the pottery. I want to go to the exhibit at the Whatcom Museum in Belllingham, WA of the “Art and Craft Movement in the Pacific Northwest” (thru May 2011). I want to of course complete my series of the 50 off the 90; take advantage of the plein air event the Northwest Pastel Society will host on Whidbey Island the end of July and paint some of the beauty of that island in and around Camp Casey;  as well as that of Albuquerque, the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale Quick Draw and more.  I could go on and on…
I like to pick up interesting appearing magazines such as this because they have some unusual ideas of how to show art. As per a photo, it is not necessary to hang all your 2-D work on the wall…it’s ok to put some pieces (even overlapping a little) on a side board or buffet in a dining room with some interesting 3-D pieces. One photo showed such a collection of small to large graphite drawings, all framed and propped on the buffet with some beautiful crystal pieces. It’s about a collection, I think and even tho the paintings were different in subject, they held a commonality in medium.
Just some rambling of some of my favorite things…Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design, bungalows, art and fixtures made from iron, native American rugs, blankets, and pottery, Art Deco pottery, adobe architecture, Fiestaware, black and white photography, and… pastels!
happy painting…


Pastel Dust


                        So the dust doesn’t settle at this time of year.  Only there is more plain old dust than pastel dust with all the activities of the season.  I did spend some time today in my studio  space surrounded by boxes of pastels and paper and finished up a piece that I have been working on for some time. 

My next project is getting some images for Snow White.  I nearly have the poster ready and will be working on the backdrops for the production shortly.  I am a landscape artist, but I could easily be persuaded to draw and create art for children’s books.

 The images I have posted today are a couple of favorites from a show a few years ago.  The wheat fields sold before it got in the door and Fields Purple took a little while to sell, but it has been one of the most inquired about pieces on my website.  Both were done on Wallis paper with under paintings.  They are both good reminders to not overwork the paper, be strategic  in thinking through ones project.

We held our annual Open Studio the first weekend of December during the local wine Barrel Tasting event.  Traffic was good through the open which I was pleased about.  Advertising for the event was only done with social media sites and flyers sent to our client list.  We did not use the newspaper or put up posters.  It just proved that sites like Facebook and blogs are really  a global source for events!  So with this in mind and the fact that I attended a seminar on blogging and the use of the social media yesterday, confirms my belief in the way we need to market our artistic endeavors is going to be through social networking and online sites.  The sheer numbers of people who have to opportunity to see your work is beyond comprehension when it is posted online.

I expect to get started in earnest with the “50 off the 90” series shortly.  I anticipated that I would have a few pieces completed by now, but the holidays take a precidence…so I think January is a good target date to begin the series!  Besides that, there is a little area outside of Ellensburg that I want to take the time to explore a little and get some reference photos of.   I think it is the Yakima River in that area that has got my interest to meander around and see what’s out there “off the 90!”

With that being said, I am wishing you all a splendid holiday season and all the inspirations you need to good painting in 2011!!  Pastel artists…we are soon going to be posting the prospectus for the Northwest Pastel Society show in April at the Kirsten Gallery in Seattle.  Membership is needed for that show, but any pastel artist is welcome to join the group!  Happy painting….


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