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Sweet Home Walla Walla

We are the Griffith Team from Windermere Walla Walla…and we love Walla Walla!

Some of the great things, in our opinion, include the opportunity of home ownership for a broad base of home buyers, the education systems, the wine industry and what that has brought to the valley, the dining options, and more.

When I visit with buyers from out of the area I talk about what I love about the area.  This is a great place to live and raise a family.  We are near the mountains, we have great events throughout the year, we have culturally interesting things happening from theater to dance to rodeos to cycling to wine tasting to….almost anything you want.  And the beauty of it is…you hardly ever have to wait in a long line at the bank or the grocery.  You can easily go to a 6 pm dinner and be at the theater by…

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