Monthly Archives: January 2015

Pastel Dust..keeping focused

The challenge…keeping focused.  It is so easy to stray from tasks and it takes some discipline to stay focused and manage your time and talents!

I decided to do a painting a day for the month of January…it might be a pastel, an ink painting, an encaustic, a pencil drawing…the important thing is to complete a piece each day.  So far so good.  I will probably extend that into February and beyond…at least doing something with my art daily; a finished painting or not.  As I work on more complex paintings, I realize that it is impossible to finish a large one on a daily basis.

Next, I love to participate in plein air events and enter juried competitions.  Both of these have time restrictions on the entry process and dates of delivery, etc.  I build a calendar that allows me to keep dates chronologically for these time lines.  What I don’t do is paint specifically for each event (juried shows).  I try to spend painting time painting the best I can each day…then I have group of paintings to choose from for a specific event.  For me, it takes the pressure off the entry and focuses the energy on the paintings.  I do however, when scheduling a solo exhibition, paint for that event.  I try to schedule those exhibits out a year or two, so that I have time to dwell on a body of work and paint it!  So with this sort of approach I feel I’m most productive!


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