Monthly Archives: October 2009

pastel skies in the big sky country

What a better time than the crisp (and I do mean crisp ) days of fall to be out doing some photographs that will eventually be the reference for some paintings! A long weekend and a couple of extra days vacation is in progress in eastern MT visiting Chris, Michelle and Sam and doing lots of photos for future paintings.
There are snow skifts from Butte through to Miles City and the temperatures are a smart 11 degrees in Livingston to 19 in Miles City. We drove to Missoula late Friday night and then on to Miles City on Saturday with stops in Billings and Livingston.
I brought a couple of miniatures and might even get a couple more done for the Art Center show in November in Miles.
I am going Tuesday morning to the Art Center to see the quilt and landscape show and maybe to the Range Rider’ Museum. The art center is a unique building being part of the water holding tanks in the early days of MC…it is partially unnderground and some 2-3 foot thick concrete walls…It is great show space!
So, we will be in the big sky country of MT til Wednesday and then back to WW!


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