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the studio open house was a good success the past weekend. We had even a better attendance than last year. The Walla Walla UB did a great article in the Thursday Marquee magazine and I am sure that assisted in getting people in. It was fun to prep for the event. I love to do small paintings…they are a challenge in that you have a small space to say a lot. I did some experimenting with some sort of dark tempestuous skies and I was happy with the results. Several students from my October workshop came over from the Tri Cities and it was fun to have them stop in and find a treasure to take back with them and talk about what they were now painting and techniques.

Bambi Kontos came by and we started visiting about workshops and she has been championing a Walla Walla workshop that I would teach in January. When she sets her mind to something; it is going to happen!!! That’s why she is one of the valued, dedicated souls on the Habitat for Humanity team. She can get something done. So…there will be a workshop; exactly where and when – to be determined! But I am betting for January 2010!

Some of us again talked about the painting a day, doing the same painting for 30-100 days (a small, perhaps 10×10 inch piece) using a variety of color combinations…It will happen…

I am anxious to see Carolyn for a couple of weeks when she flies into Portland to spend the holiday with us. I may get her out in the dust of the work space and get her creating in pastel!

Looking forward to the artist opening at Nicholas Cole Cellars December 4th 5-8 pm. Regretfully, the lighting is less than optimal in the evening, but certainly fine during the day. I have toyed with taking a few pieces out so that the light is perfect at all hours…probably more visitors will be there during daylight hours, so will probably leave well enough alone.


2nd annual studio house

My neglected blog…I do have an excuse…but you’ve heard it…so onward.

We are preparing for the 2nd annual studio open house this weekend. I have been working some long hours creating some small pieces that will make nice holiday gifts (in pastel), putting together some gift baskets – coffee themed with cups, coffee, treats and coasters. We will have some note cards with some new images on them and a few handmade Christmas cards.
I am sure we will get the inevitable person who comes to the door and says “I thought this was a HOLIDAY SALE!” Well, yes ma’am it is…I just don’t have any clothes pin Christmas ornaments and knitted pot holders…
So come and enjoy the Studio Open House for what it is…art..
Near the end of October I taught a two day pastel (landscape) workshop at Allied Arts in Richland. It was a good success and the participants came away with good pieces utilizing some new techniques. I am apparently a teacher at heart because it was a good stimulus to make me really get busy and work on some pieces. I guess I revert back to the many years I flew the friendly skies of the world doing medical equipment installations and subsequent teaching staff the operation of the equipment.
So something that I read about…doing a 100 (or even 30) paintings of the same thing, using different color schemes. Small works about 8×10″. Intriguing. I talked about that the workshop and think I sparked some interest. I have started. It teaches you something…color, thinking outside the proverbial box…
Last week we also set up the solo show at Nicholas Cole Winery. 12 pieces – mostly new and some fun ones! The artist open will be Dec4 – Friday 5-8. that’s barrel tasting weekend in the valley and hopefully lots of traffic!!
A letter came in the mail last Monday from the CM Russell Art Auction in MT…They had accepted a painting of mine for the show and sale. WOW! I was surprised and pretty happy. I am hopeful to go to the event in March.
Ok, back out to the work area and crate something! Happy painting…

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